Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get some free stickers?
Yes you can. Click here to find out how to get free stickers.

I purchased my bike online and it came to me already assembled in the box. All I had to do was put on the front wheel, handlebars, and pedals. Why do I need an assembly receipt with my warranty registration?
What you’ve received is called a partial assembly. This is the same exact way that bike shops receive complete bikes shipped from our distributors. The entire bike needs to be checked, bearings greased, and adjusted by a qualified bicycle mechanic at a local bike shop before you ride it. Riding the bike straight out of the box will void your warranty.

My friend is a mechanic and has built bikes before. Can he assemble the bike for me?
No. You must to take the bike to a local bike shop to be assembled by a qualified bicycle mechanic in order for your warranty to remain valid.

I was putting the bike together and stripped out the threads on the pedals. Can you send me new ones?
Again, this is why you must take the bike to a local bike shop to be assembled. Not only will they ensure that everything is put together and adjusted properly, but they’ll also become a resource to help you out should any further adjustments need to be made down the road. If you strip any parts due to improper assembly or maintenance, they are not covered under your limited warranty.

My bike is only a couple of months old and it has a flat tire and worn grips. Will you replace them?

Parts will wear from normal use. Depending on how much time you spend riding, certain parts will wear faster than others. Tires, tubes, grips, and other wearable parts aren’t covered for normal wear under your limited warranty. If any of these parts are significantly worn or punctured, you should visit your local bike shop and purchase a replacement.

My rim is bent. Will you send me a new wheel?
Bent wheels and rims will occur under normal conditions and are not covered under your limited warranty. Spokes will loosen over time and will cause your wheel to loose its true (straightness), so they’ll need to be adjusted periodically using special tools. If your wheel wobbles, take it to your local bike shop and ask them to true it for you. If you’ve landed crooked and damaged the actual rim itself, you may need to purchase a replacement rim and have your wheel rebuilt by a qualified bicycle mechanic.

I crashed and bent my frame, fork, and bars. Are they covered under warranty?
Generally the bending (and denting) of your frame, fork, or handlebars is caused by impact or rider error, and is not covered under your warranty. Although bending isn’t covered for a free replacement product, you may be eligible for a replacement upgrade at a discounted price.

I tried to adjust my cassette hub and now it makes noise. Can you send me a new wheel?
Cassette hubs are very complex and should only be adjusted by your local bike shop. Special tools are needed to adjust your hubs correctly and should only be attempted by qualified bike mechanics. They’ll know how to adjust your hubs properly. Do not disassemble your cassette hub. Attempting to adjust your cassette hub without the right tools will void your limited warranty.

My bike got stolen. Can you give me the the serial number?
Unfortunately at this time we have no way of tracking your bike’s serial number for you unless you’ve filled out your warranty registration. We highly recommend keeping a copy of your warranty registration for your own personal records.

Do you sponsor?
We like to keep our crew tight, so the chance of us hooking us someone we’ve never met is pretty slim. Almost all of our team (and flow) guys have been recommended to us by our other team guys. Stay humble, have fun, and do your own thing. Ride your bike because you love to, don't make getting sponsored your only goal. If it’s meant to happen, it will.